Economic Analyses

  • Future Damage Analysis
    We provide detailed analysis of future damages to help our clients prepare winning arguments and persuasive evidence. This includes important considerations such as reductions to present value utilizing competitive annuity pricing while taking advantage of the time value of money.
  • Cost of Future Care Analysis
    Our analyses aid claim departments in assessing long-term, first party exposures such as No-Fault /PIP and workers’ compensation claims. This beneficially serves claim departments with reserving efforts.
  • Life Care Plan Preparation and Analysis
    We prepare comprehensive life care plans that assist clientele in their analysis of future care requirements and costs. Our life care planners and settlement consultants also prepare a comprehensive and detailed medical and financial analysis of the opposing party’s plan. This assists in validating or challenging certain aspects of the life care plan and helps prepare clients for settlement conferences, the taking of expert depositions and/or trial testimony. In addition, the use of substandard age ratings coupled with structured settlement annuities optimizes our clients’ financial stance.